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A gift with a meaning

Learn More Access to safe & clean water maintains kids alive, safe and healthy.

Give a little. Change a lot.

Learn More We aim to provide clean & safe water to places where they don't have access to it.

Raise your fund. Warm your heart.

Learn More Your donation will directly provide clean & safe water to those that need it the most.
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Every time you are enjoying a glass of clean safe water, think of those who are also enjoying a clean safe glass of water because of YOU. We call on fundraising from anything that you can.
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Many places on earth do not have access to clean drinking water. We aim to provide clean & safe water to places where they don't have access to it.
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Each dollar provides 10 gallons of clean & safe water. With about a gallon needed per person per day (for direct consumption) $1 provides enough water for 10 days per person or for 4 days for a small family.

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Giving clean water to children living in the ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ in Greece

cause description 18% of Greece’s territory has been highlighted as nitrate pollution risk zones due to run-off contaminants from industrial and agricultural uses that end up in tap water. Through the project “aQua4all” we are financing the installation and maintenance of clean, drinking water treatment systems in all homes of […]

What people say

Keaobaka Keagile
We need help. Water.
Twesigye Guidence
I am from Uganda. Our place really lacks water. May you come to our rescue.