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Water is important. Every microscopic life needs water to survive and the average human body is made of 50% to 65% water. Meanwhile, in many places around the world, water is not taken for granted. 785 million people around the world lack access to clean & safe water.

Not having access to clean water equals not having access to health, education and decent living conditions. Children are the ones primarily affected since from a young age they take on the responsibility of finding drinking water which leads them in most cases to drop out of school.

Carrying water is mainly considered to be a woman’s job. Women all around Africa risk their safety to find water. They deal with mentally exhausting bargains and carry heavy loads back home on a daily basis. The ways though, in which women and girls bear the brunt of water scarcity are often overlooked by those who seek to address the issue. Better access to water is indeed the key to gender equality.

Knowing how important water is for one’s life, we decided to help those who don’t have access to it.


Clean & safe water is the start.



For being healthy

Having access to clean & safe water allows people to focus on their health. Besides drinking water one can have the basic hygiene, cook safely and use water for other household activities. Having water equals having a piece of mind, being able to focus on important things and a stable mental health.


For empowering women

Water can bring a change in local communities. Women’s main responsibility is to look for water which results in them having fewer rights and opportunities in their society. Inaccessible pumps and drought disproportionately affects them and their families.


For education

Millions of children in Africa, especially girls, spend hours every day collecting water to bring home to their families and as a result, they cannot attend lessons. Access to safe & clean water ensures access to education.


For evolution

In a fast-growing world, for a society to progress, problems like water scarcity should be solved as soon as possible. The world is quickly evolving and underdeveloped countries must have equal chances as everyone for a better life. Not having to worry about water is a human right.


How do we stop water scarcity?


We use state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis Systems to achieve access to clean water. We set up irrigation filtration equipment that filters 99% of heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, and other dangerous substances, thus providing safe, clean and pure water. Due to the nature of the Reverse Osmosis technology, we can help even in cases of scarce and unreliable water sources by using water storage systems on top of the filtration systems. We use cost-efficient, sustainable practices and constantly collaborate with companies who invest in water studies.


The time to act is now!


The quickest and easiest way to solve the water problem in Africa is financially. Through raising funds, the installation of irrigation filtration systems becomes possible which leads to gallons of clean & safe water for people in need.


Donate Now



Donating is important but so is giving a helping hand.

Get personally involved and give your free time a purpose by volunteering for Aqua Africa Foundation. Fill in the volunteer form, tell us a few things about yourself, your hobbies, your dreams and we will find you a position tailored to your needs. Both online and offline positions are available.


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