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Is water in Ukraine safe to drink?

The war between Ukraine and Russia has sparked discussions about energy issues in that part of the world and the possible threat of another Chernobyl-like situation. Experts have warned that attention must be paid to the potential water security problems the war-torn country could face sooner or later.

Himanshu Kulkarni, Executive Director of the Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management, pioneered the concept of spring-scale management based on hydrogeology, which has been practiced from local to national levels, especially after writing a publication on the revitalization of NITI Aayog Himalayan Springs. Kulkarni acknowledged that the impact of the war on water resources, groundwater, and groundwater/aquifers was not as widely documented as it should have been.

“But it’s undeniable that air, water, and soil are polluted in specific war situations, especially in this era when armed conflict means large-scale use of chemicals,” Kulkarni said.


Hilly areas can cause extensive damage to underground aquifers and groundwater sources.

“Not only that, but the large number of chemicals used in the weapons also contaminate the groundwater,” Sati told IANS.

Ukrainian citizens have already lodged complaints about the quality of water provided to large populations. Additionally, if further chemical contamination occurs, survivors will bear the brunt. A 2019 report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) found that children in ongoing conflict are more likely to die from diseases related to a lack of clean water than violence directly related to the conflict itself.


Ukraine is located southwest of the Russian Plain (Eastern European Plain) and consists almost entirely of plains. The Ukrainian landscape, however, has a certain diversity: its plains are broken up by highlands and lowlands, deep valleys and valleys, and highlands up to 1,000 feet deep or high.

The southern region of Ukraine has not yet experienced fighting, but as Russia is closing in from Crimea, it may happen soon. Mountainous areas such as the Ukrainian Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains lie on the country’s borders and make up only 5% of its area.

Waterman and Stockholm Water Prize winner Rajendra Singh said: “Forget about human nature, this is clearly an act of violence against nature. “Whenever there is a war, the damage to nature is greatest. This is violence against nature. It causes restless people. If not today, the country will face water security problems tomorrow. ”



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