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650,000 people in Mozambique benefiting from new water treatment plant

The President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, inaugurated a new water treatment plant in Moamba District, Maputo Province on Wednesday.

The 220 million U.S. dollar project is expected to benefit approximately 650,000 people in the Maputo region. The new plant will create approximately 100,000 new connections, which may result in more affordable water prices and help the country alleviate water shortages.

The President called on Mozambicans to cherish facilities and save water and reiterated his government’s commitment to creating conditions for more Mozambican people and entities to obtain clean water and adequate sanitation facilities.

In terms of human development based on disease prevention, the returns generated by social infrastructure are often not quantifiable,” the president said at the inauguration.

Water is essential for daily use and the country’s sustainable development, and because of the pandemic moment that the world is experiencing, water has proven to be even more important.



with information from: https://africa.cgtn.com/2021/06/02/new-water-treatment-plant-to-benefit-650000-people-in-mozambique/

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