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A water policy prioritizing green growth

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has approved a new water policy that prioritizes water security and the conversion of water assets in order to promote the sustainable and inclusive economic growth of regional member countries.

Since 2010, the African Development Bank has invested approximately US$6.2 billion in water supply and sanitation service delivery. This pandemic has exposed the vulnerability caused by the continent’s inadequate investment in water, sanitation, and sanitation services (WASH). Despite these challenges, the World Bank’s total investment in the water sector is still US$4.3 billion, including nearly 100 national projects and six transnational projects implemented in 40 countries.

It aims to promote the realization of a minimum water safety platform.

Special attention will be paid to vulnerable areas and assist African countries and subregional groups to use and maintain the potential of water productivity to support development.

It should be recognized that achieving water security at the household, national and regional levels is a key outcome, which is essential for inclusive growth. The World Bank seeks to promote water security in all its regional member countries and subregions. Fair social welfare and economic growth. The World Bank will continue to advocate an integrated approach to water resources development and management by achieving a sustainable balance in the social, economic, and environmental fields.

Promote sustainable and equitable access to water services.

The World Bank believes that water is essential for life, health, dignity, empowerment, environmental sustainability, peace, and prosperity. The management and development of transboundary water resources should be regarded as an important requirement for the seamless integration of regional economies. The World Bank will actively seek to use the transboundary nature of water to strengthen regional integration.


with information from: https://www.esi-africa.com/industry-sectors/water/afdbs-new-water-policy-prioritises-sustainable-green-growth/

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