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How will safe water in Africa change people’s lives

Water in Africa has been an issue for years now. Due to the size of the problem, besides all the global good intentions and programs implemented, a vast population still has no access to clean & safe water.

Living in a country where water is taking for granted makes it hard to realize how important having access to clean & safe water.

We are often too lazy to go and bring a glass of water from the kitchen, watering the plants seems like a chore, and don’t get me started with having to wash the dishes.

Imagine living in a place where not only water is available in small quantities, you would have to walk for hours to access a small quantity and what would you find is dirty water, you wouldn’t consider drinking if there wasn’t a big necessity.

Sometimes getting into people’s shoes helps you understand.

People living in areas where water is scarce have been forever dreaming for this moment: the moment when they would have daily access to clean & safe water. This opportunity would help them in a lot of different ways.

Let’s see how water would help people in need.

Access to food

When water is available the surrounding lands become more manageable and if the land is suitable for crops, it will be easier for locals to grow their own food. Assuring there is enough food for everyone besides making the community more independent, it decreases the famine death rate. According to the United Nations 3.2 million children under the age of 5 die each year in sub-Saharan Africa, being about half of the world’s deaths in this age group.


Children usually drop out of school in areas where water is scarce. Being the ones responsible to carry water for the family allows them a little time for school activities. Education should be a number one priority globally especially in countries where basic needs are not yet covered and education would be the first step closer to reaching those needs.

Local economy growth

An area’s evolution is dependent on the water available. When all the previous factors become stable, the next step for a nation is to evolve. Third-country problems are taking a toll on Africa’s countries and solving them will allow a better future for those communities.

Caring about those in need is a good value. When one’s well-being is dependent on something as simple as the basic need of having water, it would be selfish to look away.


They count on your help.

Donate water for a better future.

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