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How to create Fundraising Goals

Raising funds for a non-profit is more difficult than for a business.

In an article published by George Doran, a five-part method for creating smart objectives was outlined:  The SMART Way.  The SMART method helps define goals so that you can work towards them effectively.  Applying the elements of the method can give direction and focus to a campaign.



S=Specific Goals – Not just saying “more than last year” is necessary.

The goal should include the dollar amount desired as well as the social impact achieving such a goal will have.

M=Measurability – This makes success and failure more objective.

A=Ambitious/Attainable – Difficult goals result in greater performance.

They should be challenging but not impossible as this can leave people feeling inadequate or as though they are being set up to fail.

R=Relevant – This is knowing the “why” behind the fundraising goals.

Donors need to know the impact of their gift and fundraisers need to be reminded of the importance of their efforts.

T=Time-Based – Deadlines are important to keep on track

i.e. if you are half-way through the campaign and haven’t raised at least half the donations you aimed for, than you need to work harder.

As long as you define all five elements, it doesn’t matter where you begin.  You don’t have to start with “S”.  You may start with “R” and define the relevance of your charity.  This will lead to the next element and so on.



with information from https://www.classy.org/blog/the-smart-way-to-create-fundraising-goals/

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