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Africa dealing with Covid-19

Several African governments have adopted the U.S/European approach to battle COVID-19.


This is a recipe for failure and adopting solutions must be implemented to save lives.  The U.S./European approach of handwashing and socially distancing as the main means of prevention is not feasible.
Nearly 350 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live in water-scarce areas making consistent hand-washing difficult.  Social distancing and lockdowns are not feasible in poverty-laden areas and where 2.5 million Nairobians reside in slum-dwellings.
Two strengths of Africa in battling COVID-19 are that the African population is largely younger in years and that they are experienced in dealing with Ebola and Lassa fever which is more deadly than COVID-19.  They have more experience in disease surveillance, laboratory diagnostics, and contract tracing.

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