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Risk of extreme drought by 2060



Drought being a natural result of climate change is not far from becoming a reality.

The influence of human activity is increasing the risk, making researchers focus thoroughly on the subject.

Researchers have uncovered the possible results of climate change: the hazard of extreme drought might be doubled within the next decades. Global heating is lowering the groundwater levels and limiting annual snowfall. Risks of extreme wildfire in the next 40 years in the Mediterranean, southern Africa, eastern North America, and the Amazon is a probability. As far as the tropics are concerned, the temperature rise is going to affect the patterns of rainfall.

These studies should be reminders of what human activity has caused in the last hundred years: the current climate change that has already started and will furtherly affect all countries around the globe.

Areas where water scarcity is already a problem will be primarily affected.

This situation will affect food security, human migration and conflict.





source: preventionweb.net

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