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Organizations like charity water: how many are there?

Charity: water: is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Alike Charity Water, there are other hard-working non-profits willing to bring a change.

To name a few there is The Water Project, Water for Africa UK, and Water for Africa Australia.

We all work united and selflessly to have a worldwide impact. We, personally, wish we could have a magic way to bring fresh, clean water to every village and every person on earth and never suffer its lack again.

We do not have a magical way, but we do have the knowledge and magic in our hearts to offer as much as we can to people that most need it. Africa and the USA are our first destinations.

We have chosen Africa because there the needs are tremendous, and people most of the time are hopeless and without the power to find a solution, and the USA because it is our home. Although our country is strong and people-oriented, there are many children and older people who need access to fresh, clean water. Water safety in the USA has been challenging since even microplastics can be found in the water we are drinking.

One of our current projects focuses on low-income families with children living in high-risk areas in the US. In those areas, tap water is not safe to drink and resources for other alternatives are not an option when you struggle to maintain your family’s needs.

The current location we are focusing on is Newark, New Jersey. The levels of lead in Newark’s drinking water are some of the highest recently recorded by a large water system in the United States. The elevated levels end up causing health risks that mainly affect low-income families.

Learn about our US project and how you can help here:

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