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5 easy charity ideas for children

Teaching the lesson of giving is important.

When kids learn from an early age to care & give, their empathy grows stronger. As future adults, they become nurturing, caring, and supportive.

Adults also become happier when giving. Pursuing happiness has been believed to elevate your mood and recent studies have proved so. Studies using brain-scanning technology show increased activation in the reward area of the brain when giving to charities.

A fun way for kids & adults to bond and spend quality time together is to come up with a fundraising idea!


We have picked the easiest and funniest ways to make an impact while having fun with your little ones.

  1. Balloon Raffle

Is there an upcoming party you are attending with your children? If the answer is no, then here’s your chance to host one!

Get items such as gift cards, coffee mugs, jewelry or anything that can fit in a small bag.

Label each item with numbers from 1-200.

Get 200 balloons and tie a number 1-200  on each balloon.

People buy a balloon and get the corresponding number.


  1. Themed-Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love cake? Organize a Bake Sale at your children’s school, at a local community venue or even at your house!

Prepare your favorite bakes such as cookies or pies with the help of your kids. Make sure you pick a theme in order to make things more exciting.

Put the saying “selling faster than hot cakes” into a test!

  1. Face painting

Are you good at face painting? Have everyone know!

Organize a face-painting party at your house or a kid-friendly venue and make sure everyone is invited. Let people know that all earnings will be given to charity.

It is a great way to connect with your local community for a good cause.

  1. Yard Sale

Is decluttering your thing? On your free time get the chance to organize your wardrobe, children’s room & basement.


Put the items you don’t need in large boxes and host your own yard sale!


Don’t have many items to spare?

Ask friends and family to join you and host the biggest yard sale!

Put up a sign saying that all earnings will be given to charity.

  1. Pizza Night

If there is something that most people can agree on, is that pizza brings people closer.

A pizza night is a great way to host a small gathering and discuss on ways you can help your local charity organization.

If every person pitches a small amount, a big goal will be closer to getting fulfilled!


We hope you enjoyed our 5 tips on easy & fun charity ideas for kids. Let us know whether you tried any of them and tell us how it went.


Do you have any extra ideas we did not mention?

Leave them in the comments below!

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