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A charity willing to make water in Africa a reality

Can clean & safe water become a global reality?

They say that if it’s possible to plan it, it stops being impossible.

This hard-to-fulfill goal is a NO1 for our water-focused foundation. It is important to us because we care about water safety all around the world but that’s not only the reason. Our non-profit President’s personal story makes us all more committed than ever.



The story starts in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Aqua Africa Foundation’s President, Yannis, was traveling with his father on a commercial ship. His father was the captain, and Yiannis used to accompany him during his school vacation. He was then 10 years old.

Although the ship was relatively new, an accident in the engine room was the cause of running out of drinking water. The ship was 4 days far away from the nearest port.

The crew and the captain’s family, and the first engineer family who also spends their vacations on board were 25 people. For the next 4 days, each person could consume only one gallon of drinking water. It was not enough, considering that they were in the middle of the ocean in a sweltering summer.

Although he was very young, in the next 4 days, Yiannis realized that water is fundamental for life. When they finally reached Lagos’ port and the repair of the damage to the engine room, they had to buy water at a very high price. He heard his father saying, “I wish I could have a magic way to bring fresh, clean water to every village and every person on earth and never suffer its lack again.”

Yiannis’ father died 7 years later in a shipwreck. It was then that Yiannis decided to fulfill his wish at some point in his life. That moment came on April 2020, when Yiannis got the approval for the Aqua Africa Foundation nonprofit.


Help us make access to water in Africa a reality


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