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Are there Microplastics in Our Drinking Water?

A current risk that has been concerning scientists for a long time are emerging environmental contaminants and whether they can end up in the human diet.

Microplastic particles have caught research and media attention lately and as a result, it has been studied whether it has environmental and human health effects.

In New York, microplastics have been detected in the municipal tap water by researchers. James McGrath, University of Rochester, tested water samples from the 30-mile route of the Hemlock Lake water production facility to Georgen Hall on the University of Rochester campus. McGrath’s study, “Silicon nanomembranes for the evaluation of microplastic entrainment along a municipal water delivery route,” used tools and methods that are easier than current protocols for the capture and assessment of microplastics. The nanomembrane filtration tools enable rapid detection of microplastics and other debris.

The Hemlock Lake facility is believed to produce nearly debris-free water, but entrainment increased the amount of debris along the route, and the water delivered to the Hall was polluted with large amounts of micro debris, plastics included.  The growing level of pollution from plastics should be regulated and broadly surveilled.



with information from: https://scitechdaily.com/microplastics-in-our-drinking-water-significant-source-of-microplastics-in-human-diet/

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