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COVID-19 Era: Our mission

Aqua Africa Foundation is a registered non-profit foundation 501(c)(3) focusing on water issues around the world with an innovative approach that can be summarized in one word: efficiency. Our mission is to provide access to clean and safe water where needed with an emphasis on families with children in underdeveloped countries as well as low-income families right here in the United States.

Receiving our exempt certificate 501 (c)(3) amidst the burst of the Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge that we overcame by focusing on our mobility. Africa is our first target outside of the U.S. and specifically Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso. Find out about our projects here.

Although we are doing our best to succeed in Africa despite the challenges that COVID-19 presents to transportation and traveling overseas, we realized we need to re-organize our projects and shift our focus to US projects until the travel ban is lifted.

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