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Concerns over road salt infiltrating Madison’s drinking water

MADISON (WKOW) — While there’s no significant snow in the extended forecast right now, city officials in Madison want you to think ahead when it comes to using salt.

According to Madison Water Utility, road salt contaminates the local bodies of water and the aquifer, which is Madison’s drinking water source.

Salt infiltration is being seen at five of Madison’s 22 drinking water wells.

“If we don’t reduce the amount of salt reaching those wells, the water at one of them could actually start to taste salty within the next 15 years,” said Amy Barrilleaux with Madison Water Utility. Barrilleaux was speaking of Well 14 on University Ave.

Madison Water Utility reminds you not to toss salt on top of the snow; shovel and remove snow and ice first. Also, salt is not effective when temperatures are below 15 degrees.

source: wkow.com

by Caroline Bach

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