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Support charities online with this hashtags

Hashtags on social media are a revolutionary way to find the latest news on things happening around the world.

Did you know that you could also use them to support your favorite causes?


Here’s how.


Hashtags are also important for your favorite charities. Non-profits with an online presence have to use strong hashtags to remain relevant and reach a big audience that would be interested to support a specific cause.


The following hashtags are the best to use when showing support for charities and non-profits online.



You probably know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two events that kickstart the holiday shopping season. Giving Tuesday started in 2021 in the US but now it is celebrated widely around the world. It is an occasion that happens after the first two days and exists to encourage people to support their favorite charity through giving instead of shopping.



Needing a versatile hashtag? The #activism hashtag is a great way to connect with people with like-minded opinions and who care about the same causes you do. Use the hashtags when posting your own content on social media to help people learn about how to get involved with causes that are important to all of us.



It is quite common for hashtags to be used to achieve visibility for a certain event. Use this hashtag to raise awareness about an event and a cause you care about. You can also follow the hashtag for ideas and inspiration to see what people are thinking around the world.


#FF (Follow Friday)

Follow Friday is an online occasion where people reward themselves for being productive and look forward to a couple of days of relax. It’s the perfect excuse for people to discover new and interesting accounts to follow on Twitter.


Use the hashtag #FF in your tweets to recommend great charitable causes people should find out about.



This hashtag is commonly used on crowdfunding platforms to raise support, awareness, and surely funds for your own organization.

Crowdfunding is a new, successful way to raise money, that many professionals and charities use to spread awareness about their cause & inspire others to give.


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