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How donating money can actually make you happier


Does giving money make you actually happy?

It is commonly accepted that if you are low on funds, getting more money will definitely cheer you up.

However, after a certain number, it is believed that getting more money won’t make any difference. The effect that used to make you happy starts dropping off dramatically since the extra money doesn’t have any purpose neither will affect your life on a great level.

Are happy people generous or generous people become happy?


There’s evidence that people who tend to be generous, who think about others besides themselves, are happier in their lives.

Research has proven that donating to charities, volunteering, and helping in general, is linked to being genuinely happy. In an experiment, people were divided into two groups and were given two different orders. The first group was given money and advised to spend the money on themselves while the second group was given money and asked to spend the money on someone else, do good.

At the end of the day, people were asked to discuss how their day had gone. A significant difference was noted. The people who were asked to spend money on others reported much more positively about their day than those who were asked to spend it on themselves.

What about you?

Do you think that donating makes you happy?



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